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Townhouse Roofing Tune up

A Roofing Tune-Up is a service we provide for our customers who don’t need a full roof replacement. Many times we receive calls from customers who have a small leak, but the roof isn’t old or diminishing. Other contractors who don’t provide roofing repairs will tell you that you need a new roof. But here at Empire Home Remodeling, we provide you with honest information that will help you make a wise financial decision for your

Townhouse Package with Asphalt Shingles

Townhouse Package

with Asphalt Shingles
$ 900 Total Cost
  • Full Roof Inspection (finding the leak or potential problematic areas)
  • Using the following repairs to stop the leak
  • Repair and re-seal all pipe collars w/ (No-Leak Rain Collar)
  • Re-flash chimney with new step flashing and roofing cement (If Needed)
  • If not needed, we will repaint and reseal with black or brown exterior paint
  • Repair and replacement of flashing or shingles where home’s meet (If Needed)
  • Replace damaged or loose shingles & Ridge Caps & Nail-Pops
  • Replacement of Apron or Counter Flashing (If Needed)
  • If not needed, we will re-seal and paint flashing in black or brown exterior paint
Forest Hill Roofing

Includes 365 day No-Leak-Guarantee!

Re-Flashing of skylights will be an added cost to the customer if needed.

This excludes damaged to metal roofing / aluminum porch roofing.

After job completion, we include the full list of roofing repairs and provide before & after photos. 

This excludes any metal roofing system.

Includes up to 200sqft of shingles & 2 plywood or 60ft of wood planking.

If additional shingles or wood are needed this may lead to additional charges to the customer for the cost of material and labor.

If the roof is unable to be “repaired” or must be replaced after a roofing tune-up contract is signed, the contract will be voided at no cost to the customer.

Why would I need a Roofing Tune-Up

There are many reasons why a Roofing Tune-Up makes sense.

These are just four of the many reasons why Roofing Tune-Ups could be the right choice for you!

aging roof

Shingle Blow-offs

Roof Leak

Small leaks

Selling your home

Roof Repair on a budget

Leak repair on a budget

Why Empire Home Remodeling?

As one of the many Roofing Remodeling companies in Maryland, we find that our honesty, integrity, and ability to keep customers satisfied separates us from the pack. Roofing Tune-Ups are just one way we are helping customers keep a little extra money in their pockets during these difficult times.