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One of the best ways to tell if it’s time for a new roof is how old it is. 

Most roofing systems last 25-30 years. If you have a 3-Tab Asphalt Shingle you’re likely to get a 20-25 year life span from it after your typical upkeep. If you have Architectural Shingles on your roof, then you’re looking at a 30 year life expectancy from the roof. 

Pulling records to see the age of the roof is a great way to determine when the time’s right to replace. Waiting too long to replace can cause more harm than necessary. 

After the life expectancy of the roof is exceeded, you’re likely to start finding small leaks that can cause big problems if not tended to in a timely manner.


Roof Leak
Roof Leak

This may seem like a simple answer, and well… it is! 

If you’re noticing leaks in your ceiling or dry water streaks running down your walls, this is typically a sign that flashing damage has accrued. 

Not only is this causing damage to the interior of your home, but it is causing even more damage to the roof. 

Persistent leaks cause damage to the wood decking of your roof, which can be a very costly issue. 

If you find even a small leak spot on your ceiling, it’s time to make a call to Empire Home Remodeling to get an inspection. It could just be a small issue that can lead to a big problem if not tended to quickly.



Moss and algae growth are common on roofs that are shaded or surrounded by trees. 

Most shingles made today are made with Algae Resistant Technology that keep your algae free for most of the life of the shingle. That being said, this is relatively recent technology and became popular around 10-15 years ago. Understanding this, there are many options for you, as this doesn’t always mean its time for a new roof. 

In some cases the algae can be contained, removed, and blocked from returning for some time. But in most cases, the algae and moss hold moisture and expose the wood deck under your shingles to rot at a quicker rate. 

If you’re noticing growth on your roof or in your gutters, it doesn’t hurt to give us a call for a free inspection and advice on how to repair.


If you’re handy, you may know this tip. Pull out a small step ladder and open the hatch to your attic. Make sure it’s dark up there, and look for any light that could be shining through the small penetrations or edges of your home. 

Very often if you can see light, water can make it’s way in. 

This can be a small or large issue. 

This issue combined with leak spots is a common sign that it’s time to take action.


Sagging Roof

Next time you come home from work or the grocery store, take a look at your roof before walking into the house. Look for signs that your roof is dipping down in spots between trusses. 

This is common with homes that have had a leak for a while that hasn’t been taken care of. This is a sign that the plywood or planking under your shingles is damaged and compromising the integrity of your roofing system. 

This can be a simple fix, or may lead to a full roof replacement depending on how bad the damage is. 

By choosing Empire Home Remodeling as your preferred contractor, we do a full-roof analysis and ensure your roofing needs are exceeded. 

We offer repair packages, as well as complete roof replacement packages.

We pride ourselves in educating home owners and helping guide you to make a wise financial decision on a home improvement project. Roofing is our specialty, with our knowledge and customer service.

We are sure that your choice will not only make you satisfied, but make you proud to use us as your preferred roofing contractor. Our unmatched quality and customer service shows no boundaries. 

Call today to speak with a roofing professional who is ready to service your wants and needs.

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