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    When the time comes to make repairs to your home in Maryland, look no further than the experienced and trusted team at Empire Home Remodeling. We serve Middle River, MD, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (443) 848-8449 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate with a member of our team.

    Why Choose Empire Home Remodeling?

    Why should you choose Empire Home Remodeling? Our roofing and home improvement team have decades of combined experience performing all types of home renovation projects for clients throughout Maryland. There’s no project too large or too small for our team to handle. We pride ourselves on providing clients with superior work no matter the type or size of the project.

    The Empire Home Remodeling team is ready to tackle your home renovation project. Whether you are in need of roof repairs, a new roof, gutter installation, new windows, or any other type of repair work; we will ensure that your project is handled efficiently and with care at all times.


    Indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic, we at Empire Home Remodeling offer any possible roofing and home improvement services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!


    We are a "full service" roofing company and we will handle everything from a new roof installation, restoration and maintenance to re-roofs and repairs. All with the assurance that can solely come with years of experience. Quality craftsmanship and design are key - and we go beyond the basics with innovative maintenance programs, extended warranties and great customer service, ensuring our customers' satisfaction and their roof's long term performance.
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    Whether you need a new gutter system installed, cleaning gutters, or leaf protection only, we are the best choice who can help you. In your consultation, we’ll cover the benefits of seamless rain gutters, Empire Home Remodeling Inc. will help find a solution to fit your budget.
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    When you notice discoloration of your windows, condensation on the inside panes, bugs coming in through the woodwork, or any other problems, call Empire Home Remodeling immediately. You have problems with your windows that must be fixed as soon as possible. New windows add value to your home, lower your utility bills, and improve your home’s curb appeal.
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    Gutter Tune Ups

    Keep your foundation & home safe with a Gutter Tune-Up. Just because water is pouring over the edge of your gutters it doesn’t mean that you have to replace them right now. Let our experienced roofing and home improvement team inspect your gutters before making a decision on whether to repair or replace them. Your gutters might just need a bit of a tune-up. A gutter tune-up from Empire Home Remodeling will replace missing screws, reattach pieces that have come loose from the home, and ensure that there are no other problems that could cause water to seep into your home.
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    Roofing Tune Ups

    We are a "full service" roofing company and we will handle everything from a new roof installation, restoration, and maintenance to re-roofs and repairs. Just like a gutter tune-up, the roofing and home improvement team at Empire Home Remodeling can provide you with a roofing tune-up in the event that your roof does not require replacement. We will inspect your roof to ensure that only minor repairs are needed and then make those repairs at your request.
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    Maryland Roofing Experts

    Our roofing experts can service any type of home and
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    Are you in need of new windows, a new roof, new gutters, or repairs to any of those areas of your home? If so, it’s time to call the experienced roofing and home improvement team from Empire Home Remodeling. 

    Call us today at (443) 848-8449 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.


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