There are a few key factors that will indicate you need a new roof. Here is a quick list that will help you determine if indeed it is time for you to call a Taneytown roofer

If You Find Leaks

Obvious leaks can be an immediate indicator of a roofing failure. You may find leaks on your ceilings, down your walls, and in your kitchen during heavy rain periods. If significant roof damage has occurred, these leaks will mark their presence. If this is the case, it may be a good time to call a Taneytown roofer, significant roof leaks can lead to other damage within your home. Damage includes rotted sheetrock, electrical hazards, and more. 

The Roof is 20 or More Years Old

Believe it or not, roofs have lifespans. The material your roof is made up of will only withstand the elements for so long. Harsh winters and or overbearing summers can wear out your roof’s materials prematurely. It is important to check your roof and its durability annually. 

Typically a good roof will last around 20 years. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on external conditions. 

If you are unable to, a Taneytown roofer can examine your roof and determine if it needs to be replaced. 

Others Nearby Are Replacing Roofs

If you are wondering why neighbors and those who live nearby are replacing their roofs, maybe you should look into replacing your own. Home developers often develop many streets and or blocks of homes at a time, indicating that all of the homes were built around the same time period.

If you live in a neighborhood where all of the homes are relatively the same with little to no variation, you may want to replace your roof when your neighbors are replacing theirs. A Taneytown roofer will be knowledgeable of your home design and should be able to approximate just about when your roof was installed. 

Moss is Present

Moss is another key indication that it may be time to get on the phone with a Taneytown roofer. 

If there is significant vegetation growing from your roof, there may be a problem. 

Roofs are sealed. The intent of this is to protect your home from the outside elements. If there are things growing in or through your roof, the structure has been compromised. Now yes some moss may not mean your roof is completely bad. But significant vegetation, specifically moss, vines, and branches may need some attention. 

The Roof Looks Old

If your roof looks old and beat up, maybe it is. The sun’s UV rays serve a beating to just about anything they come in contact with. That means your roof is not excluded. Long hot summer days can and will take a toll on your roof. Over time the material of your roof will begin to wear down. Loss of color or form can be attributed to the sun’s UV rays on your roof. 

Also, to notice curling early, check the edges of your roof. If the shingles on the edges of the roof are curled upward it may be time to call your local Taneytown roofers. 

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