Roofers in Baltimore are well versed in determining the signs of a failing roof. They are trained professionals on the lookout for several different indicators that there may be something wrong. 

Roofing experts explain that the factors mentioned below are the most common reasons roofs fail. 

1. Old Age

The age of your roof should determine whether or not your roof is failing you. If you have had the same roof for many years, anywhere from 15-20 years, the time is now to call for a roofer in Baltimore for a replacement. 

Roofs are not everlasting, so see that your roof is taken care of properly.

2. Shingle or Tile Damage

If you are the type of person to put off replacing your roof, at which point do you see fit in taking action? 

The roofers in Baltimore see it more every day and recommend that if you are missing more than a couple of shingles or any are cracked, ripped, or torn that you step it up and take care of business before it’s too late. 

3. Leaks And Wet Spots

The ceiling is the most visible way to see if there are any leaks coming from your roof.  Any sign of wet spots and a roofer in Baltimore will know what that means. 

Water leaks may seem only trivially annoying, and rightfully so, but they can also cause structural damage and potential health concerns. 

4. Discoloration

Don’t negate discoloration inside your home. A roofer in Baltimore can tell you from experience that is not to be taken lightly. Discoloration can mean untreated long-term water damage. 

It is tricky to determine the root cause if you pass on the proper treatment. A variety of elements could be at fault particularly mold or mildew from water damage hiding behind the walls.

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5. Flashing Issues

The flashing of your chimney is very much susceptible to damage. It is the protective base around the chimney that keeps outside elements away. Roofers in Baltimore can help you figure out whether or not damage to your flashing is demonstrating structural damages. Be proactive by hiring a reputable roof contractor.

6. Damage-Effect of Storms

As with any given matter, there is only so much a roof can withstand. Storm damage each time deteriorates the accountability of your roof. Roof damage is an urgent matter that needs to be placed in the hands of trained experts.

7. Neighbors Replacing Their Own Roof

You may not see the sense in replacing your roof just because your neighbors are doing so with their own. However, there is some sense in it. If you think about it, most of the homes in any given area/neighborhood are all built around the same time. That means you and your neighbor have similar property attributes, including age. 

Roofers in Baltimore see it frequently in neighborhoods. One home replaces their roof and shortly after, a neighbor follows suit. Stay up to date with your home improvements and you will thank yourself.

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