For anyone who is looking to increase the value of their home, there are many variables to consider, especially in today’s market. 

The real-estate business took a hit, like so many others due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, with the help of one Carroll County roofer’s expertise, there is still plenty of hope. 

Renovations no doubt increase the value of any home, but be on the lookout for some that aren’t worth the investment. There are certain aspects that won’t assist as much while others are more inclined to do so. Avoid wasting time and money by investing in the following:

1. Roofing

The roof of every home is incredibly imperative to the structure. Any issues with the roof can and will lead to much bigger problems that are undesirable to any buyer. As any Carroll County roofer will mention, preventing such setbacks can be avoided by hiring a trained professional. Replacing your roof is not encouraged to be a “do it yourself” renovation. It is a challenging task that should not be taken lightly. Nonetheless, the newer the roof, the better the value of your home.

2. Flooring

A trend gaining traction in today’s home buying market is flooring — specifically hardwood. 

Hardwood is a favorable option due to easy clean-up and overall tending. This type of flooring has been preferred by the public and doesn’t look to change any time soon.  

Since it is in such high demand, hardwood flooring will no doubt add value to your home. If you already have hardwood flooring, it would be best to touch up any wear and tear areas for presentable features.

3. Additions/Decks

Even though an expert in roofing, any Carroll County roofer will see enough homes to know that the addition of a deck is quite appealing to buyers. A deck is cost-effective and allows for more space in the home. 

Accessories like seating, stairs, or even a firepit also add value to not only the backyard and deck but the overall value of the home

4. Paint Jobs

For anyone looking to spend as little money as possible during a home renovation it is quite possible. 

Consider giving the walls a fresh coat of paint — particularly a neutral color. Colors like gray, cream, or light brown make the house a “blank canvas.” This idea is less likely to clash with any buyer’s style preferences because it requires little effort to change. The less a buyer has to upgrade in a home is a determining factor in interest levels.

5. Remodel/Additions to Bathrooms

The addition of a bathroom to a room in your home has every option to give you a return on investment. Those homes with not enough space to add a bathroom can always upgrade the existing bathroom(s). Features like walk-in showers and full baths could help make or break an interested buyer’s decision. A nice bathroom, believe it or not, is a huge selling point.   

Now is the Time to Call an Experienced Carroll County Roofer. Call Empire Home Remodeling, Inc.

By following these tips, and ensuring that you hire the right professionals (such as Empire Home Remodeling, Inc.), you’ll surely be able to raise your home’s property value. Have further questions our Carroll County roofer didn’t cover? Call our office at (443) 848-8449 to schedule an appointment or to have all of your questions answered about roofing.

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